Closed Head InjuriesClosed head injuries are those that do not involve a fracture of the skull. These types of injuries can result in serious long-term damage of the brain. Most closed-head injuries are caused by vehicle collisions, serious falls or other accident-related causes.

The severity and financial burden experienced with closed head injuries is a primary concern for the Law Offices of Bill Kuziara with an estimated $75-100 billion annually attributed to these types of injuries.

Head injuries can range from relatively minor damage such as cuts and bruises, to more serious consequences involving damage to the brain. Closed head injuries can occur even without a blow to the head if the energy and rotational forces are sufficient to move the brain inside the skull. If your or someone close to you has suffered a closed head injury, please contact us at (707) 546-1040 for a free initial consultation so that we can discuss how we can help.